Mission Statement

eric_miles_fashionTo promote the personal growth of every individual, including myself, by challenging the parameters by which we measure success in our society. To enhance the quality of each experience by disspelling the limitations we place on our mind, body and spirit. And to encourage each one to live fearlessly through the realization that we chose our own reality and control our own destiny regardless of the circumstances.



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Information reading my acting talents please look at my resume for additional information. Please take a look at my Demo to get an id...



FILM Freeway -- Co-star, State Trooper Perfect Mate -- Co-star, Mike Savage -- Co-star, Bouncer Foreign Student -- Co-star, Policem...


Saving the Planeteers

There has been so much talk about saving the planet that it occurred to me that we may be missing the point. Planet Earth is quite al...


IS (For Kimberly)

Where I was

When I was

Who I was

Because I was

What I was

Made me wonder


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Am I Free

Absorb what the universe has to offer

and offer yourself in return

you don't deserve to die



in perpetual mortality


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Life is a Strange Place to Live...



What I still have or

At least what i believe

I still have or

Ever had in the first place

A mind, a memory, a feeling

A mid that's mine

When I'm not letting


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